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Online Store

We've teamed up with BSN Sports to bring you some awesome AdvantEdge gear! Chose from brands like; Nike, Jordan, and BSN with custom Edge designs, check them out on the link below!
Access Code: DPLLJuZ9wY


We're up to 8,500 square feet! Swipe through photos below to see some of our updates! 


We use the Zybek Sports laser timing system, the same system used in the NFL Combine! Swipe images below to see it in action.

Warmup & Recovery

How would you like  to warmup, cool down and recover with the same exact equipment and technology used by many professional organizations?  Professional grade heat, cold and compression tools are now available to Advantedge athletes.  Talk to a coach to discuss how this fits into your training plan! 


We have an in-house nutrition package: SavEdge Eats.  We have quality meals designed for performance and recovery ready to go immediately after workout. You can also set up to purchase in bulk!


We lift heavy, and push it to the edge in the weightroom and field. Now we have chiropractic care regularly available on site.  Having Chiropractic care and Active Release Techniques (ART) therapy regularly available is a gamechanger for our athletes!


Barber Shop

We're happy to announce Manny from The Good Life Barber Lounge is in house every week to cut hair.  Like the great Dion Sanders famously said "You look good you feel good, you feel good, you play good, you play good they pay good" 

Physical Therapy

On site, coming soon...

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