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4th Quarter Mindset

AdvantEdge 6 Week




Our experienced and dedicated staff is here to help YOU become the best version of yourself. You aren't in this alone, your coaches AND workout buddies will be there helping you along the way!


Sometimes nutrition is the hardest part for contestants, thats why our staff is dedicated to helping you become educated on proper nutrition and eating habits. The saying is true, abs are made in the kitchen!


Everyone has different schedules, that is why we provide multiple time slots and days that you can come in and participate in our fun but tough group workouts. So being busy can't be an excuse!


Our 6 week Challenge is designed to jumpstart our “Blue Collar” Adult community, this challenge will be the beginning of a whole new mindset, you will learn to change habits, break the mold, and maintain your gains. We will provide you with all the tools you need to start and maintain your new lifestyle. Nearly five years later we have had some incredible results with individuals that ended up staying with us for the long run! Now we are excited to bring CASH PRIZES, and better ways to track RESULTS!

Many people try fad diets, and the latest workout plans only to see their health & fitness go nowhere.  

The 6-Week Transformation is a custom personal training & nutrition plan that is simple, fun, and gets results.  Our expert coaches guide you every step of the way so there’s no guessing what’s best for you.  

Clients who have tried this program see dramatic results that last.  They finally achieve their fitness goals to look and feel the way they have always wanted to.  

You deserve to be your best at any age…The NEW YOU is only 6-Weeks away.

At Advantedge we know that you want to look and feel great at any age.  To do that you need a fun simple plan that tells you exactly what to do and gets results.  

The problem is… life, kids, and work always seem to get in the way.  This leaves you frustrated and confused as to what’s best for you, and as time passes it becomes intimidating to even start.  

We believe you deserve to look and feel great, the way you have always wanted, and it does not have to take over your life. 

Which is why we created the 6-Week Transformation Challenge.  Since 2017 we have helped countless people lose between 5-35 pounds of unwanted body fat, build lean muscle, get healthy, and start them on the path to looking & feeling their absolute best in only 6-weeks. 

Here’s how we do it: 

  1. Sign Up and Reserve Your Spot in Our next 6-Week Challenge 

  2. We build you a custom training and guide you every step of the way

  3. Start seeing results right away!  (The typical client loses between 5-35lbs of energy zapping unwanted body fat) 


    Have you ever been to a sporting event where you see a team raise their hands in the air with 4 fingers up at the end of the 3rd quarter? This is widely used all over the country with many high school teams and universities. I was fortunate enough to play for a University that adopted this ideology from coaching legend Coach Buck Nystrom


    Over the course of my career at Northern Michigan University, these words became a way of life! So much so that 4th Quarter Mindset became a core value at Edge! 

     Once that 4th quarter came around we as a team knew we were leaving everything out on that field, win, lose or draw. We were going to give winning effort, play with passion and enthusiasm, the courage to play through adversities, the discipline to play at a high level when fatigue set in, and the pride to play for more than ourselves but also the alumni that came before us, and the recruits to come after us.

Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and months turn into years. Next thing you know you’re in a rut, and can't seem to get out of it. Sound familiar? Yea, sounds painfully familiar to me right now, this past year has been a blur to say the least and I am more than ready to get back on track and get back to this 4th Quarter Mindset

    We are looking for like minded individuals who REALLY want change. Not the type of change that stops once your life gets slightly altered off track. The type of change that is going to STICK. The type of change that will make your life significantly BETTER.


Is it going to be easy? NO… Will it be doable? ABSOLUTELY… with the right mindset 

     Our template is going to kick off with us bringing back our “6 Week Blue Collar Challenge” This challenge will have a mix of disciplines that have worked well for us in the past, and include insights gained from previous years challenges. This year we are back and better than ever with a comprehensive training and lifestyle plan designed to work for YOU. I have recently been influenced by Andy Frisella's '75 Hard' program, and while I agree with a lot of what he is doing, I don't agree with “if you fail you go back to day 1”. To me, you lose all momentum that you have gained up until that point! Nothing in life works that way, if you lose a game (fail) you don't go back to day one, for sure you go back to the drawing board but you learn from the failures and keep pushing on!

      We also won’t start off with a laundry list of daily “must do’s and don’ts”. I want you to start off with one task! Dominate that for the first week, then we add another, and another, until we get into a rhythm and create small wins. These tasks will be built upon and implemented slowly so you are comfortable and familiar with them before another is added. Kind of like Dave Ramsey's Debt Snowball. “The debt snowball works because it’s all about changing your behavior”.

    I have felt this first hand, once I was able to eliminate a small debt, it made the next debt that much easier to tackle, I felt the momentum shift and it felt GOOD! This is the same feeling we get in sports or life, get that first down and now we can MOVE THE CHAINS, or get the first promotion at work… This is the same feeling I want to create with this template.

    Start small, and over time create wins, change your mentality, and eventually be able to sustain the 

4th Quarter Mindset!


4th Quarter Mindset

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  • 4th Quarter Mindset seminar 

    • How to win, basic nutrition, 'Move the Chains', goal setting

  • 6 weeks of group training to kickstart your journey

  • Morning and evening time slots available to fit your needs

  • Brand new facilities; Check us out at- 1121 W Ridge street, Marquette!

  • Up to 4 in-house workouts per week

  • We've learned a lot from previous challenges and 4 hours a week in the gym by itself isn't going to change your lifestyle, so this year we have incorporated many point earning opportunities both in and out of the gym for you to complete

  • A team of expert coaches



This year we're adding a twist...


Two Grand Prize Winners Will Receive

Second Place Winners

1 Month FREE Training in
Blue Collar Group
($165 value)


Weigh Ins/ Point system review (Q&A): Sat 10/7 9am-12pm(noon)

Start: Oct 9th (monday)

Ends: Nov 17th (Friday)

Final Weigh Ins: 11/18 9am-12pm(noon)

Prize Breakdown

1st Place: $750 cash

(One male, one female winner; $750 each)

2nd Place: One month free Blue Collar Training 

(One male, one female; $165 value)

-$100 for Current Advantedge Blue Collar Members
-$350 for New Members 

How Do I Win?

The winner will be determined based on how many points they accumulate during the challenge.

Point Breakdown for Anthropometric:

  • 1 point for FAT lbs lost

  • 2 points for body fat percentage lost

  • 3 points for SMM Gained

Earning the weekly points from

  • Fitness 

  • Nutrition

  • Hydration 

  • “Move the Chains” 

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