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What makes EDGE different! (EdgeU Youth and Junior)

I was asked this question a few weeks back by one of my mentors in this industry and it really got me thinking what makes Edge so much different from the rest of the gyms in the industry...

In this day and age anyone can claim to be a Speed Coach, or Strength Coach, or take a weekend Personal Training certification and say they are a Strength Coach (major difference)

So after some deep thought, these are 3 MAJOR ingredients into what makes us so much different then your average "Strength Coach" ...


The type of environment that we have been able to create is World Class!

NO its not because we play loud music....

NO its not because we let our athletes use chalk....

NO its not because we let our athletes drop a heavy deadlift....

Its because we have been able to create a winning environment!

An environment that is centered around COMPETING!!

An environment that also picks a teammate up after failure!!

An environment that constantly pushes each other to become better versions of themselves!


Our athletes begin to crave this environment...


The ATMOSPHERE does not happen without the right coaches LEADING the pack!

Our coaches will ALWAYS continue to learn to make themselves better, in return will make YOU better....

Our coaches will COACH you through every workout.... if you cannot do a particular movement we will progress or regress from that movement to ensure you are either SAFE or being PUSHED to your ability level....

Our coaches CARE about YOUR success AND failures.... if you get hurt or lose, we feel that pain...and on the flip side when you enjoy success, we feel that as well!

We have been able to train THOUSANDS of athletes... in every ability level possible from Pee Wee to the Pros and everything in between!


This is the key ingredient that will tie everything all together! At the end of the day, you could have the best equipment, big fieldhouse full of turf, all the immenities you could ever dream of.... but if you arent getting the results with your athletes ITS ALL FOR NOTHING!

Our athletes KNOW before they go back to their field of play that they are STRONGER, FASTER, AND MORE EXPLOSIVE then they were when they started with us!

There is a reason High Schools entrust us with their student athletes!

There is a reason Universities are hiring us to be their strength and conditioning experts!

There is a reason our pro athletes come back to Marquette Michigan every offseason to train! (Its not because the weather)

Its the RESULTS ...because in this profession, if you aren't seeing results your time is being wasted!

Don't waste anymore of your time... you have a small enough athletic window as it is.... Join EdgeU this winter and take advantedge of our Open Enrollment registration. Come see first-hand how we can help you get to your NEXT-LEVEL!

See you December 2nd!

-Coach Branch

P.S. If you would like to work with us and train at Advantedge here’s how we can help!


To Register Early For Winter Open Enrollment

Call the gym and book your free consult 906-273-0566

Or Simply respond to this email to let us know where you need some help!

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