The enrollment period begins two weeks prior to the start of each training block.Choose the appropriate age group,time,and day you wish to train. So you can ensure a space in your desired class. It is recommended to enrol early, as space is limited.

This will provide our caches and athletes with valuable feedback. Our detailed testing protocol ensures results and all athletes will recieve performance report cards detailing their results

The first two weeks of every new training block is dedicated to our education program. During this step, our coaches will asses your specific needs and abilities.. You will learn the core movements and become accustomed to your new training routine

The performance period is the execution of your specific training plan. During this time, you will train towards the specific goals set by you and your coach.


" I come back every off-season . I train at Advantedge, which is the best training you can possibly get, and that's coming from a guy who's been in the NFL for three years."
-Marcus Tucker


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What happens if I miss EdgeU? Can I still sign up to train?
Yes. However, you will have to perform a private assessment with one of our coaches before you may join.

Is there a difference in price if I miss EdgeU?
Yes. If you miss EdgeU you will pay a prorated weekly rate for the remainder of the training block.

If I miss a session can I make it up?
No. Sessions are run as a series and offered only at specific times and therefore do not carry over from block to block.

What do I need to bring to training?
A POSITIVE AND WINNING ATTITUDE, water, good training shoes, proper gym apparel, and a signed release form if you are new to the gym

When and how do I enroll?
EdgeU begins two weeks prior to the start of every training block. We offer training blocks for Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. The best way to enroll is through our website. You may also enroll in person at the gym or by calling us over the phone. Any one of our staff members will be happy to help you get started

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