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Tactical Training

Critical missions preparedness 


"Due to an unfortunate injury during my pararescue indoc I was unable to continue as an active duty soldier. This new PT test is exciting because it is truly preparing solders for the extreme circumstances they are put in. Through my own experience i learned how to train soldiers appropriately based off what they will need out on the battle field."

Critical Missions Preparedness
During the tactical program you will build the work capacity and durability needed to perform in austere environments.  For those who's MOS does not place them in those environments, this program will improve your ability to successfully pass the ACFT and perform during drill weekends.  Movement quality, work capacity and strength is the main motive of this program.  This will strengthen your ability to lift and throw, run two miles and work for hours on end. The programming will reduce the chance of injury and improving your confidence when placed under stress.

I look forward to helping you in this journey!

-Kyle Hewson
Advantedge Sports Training
Special Strengths Coach

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