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Performance Meals

EdgeNation, we have been trying out a food delivery service prepared for us by the professionals over at Mama Mia’s! It has been a tremendous success this past month with our coaches and also with our small groups. Now we are opening the service to all of our IN-HOUSE Athletes, and Adults!

Our menu was strategically picked to give you the highest quality food available to give you the Edge in performance you are looking for! Our meals range from 750kcal up to 950kcal! Perfect for athletes trying to match their calorie expenditure they will burn inside one of our TOUGH workouts! Or if you are on a calorie restricted nutrition plan these meals could be cut in half to provide you with two meals for the price of one!


-Grass Fed Ground Beef was picked because of the superior fat profile that athletes NEED

-Salmon is one of the "super proteins" Rich in Omega 3, decrease the risk of heart disease, improves brain function and mood, and is an anti-inflammatory !

- High quality Steak, Pork and Chicken to offer more variety to carry you throughout the week!


-Broccoli makes your blood more alkaline, which is very important to decrease the inflammation in your body!

-Brussels Sprouts are a high in Vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps promote iron absorption and is involved in tissue repair!

-Beets enhances athletic performance! Improves oxygen use and minimizes exhaustion!

-Vegetable medley was also picked to offer another variety to carry you throughout the week!


-Sweet potatoes are another "super food" loaded with potassium, vitamin c, and fiber

-Rice, mashed potatoes help replenish muscle glycogen storage after extreme workouts, and taste great!

These meals are for everyone looking to improve their health and performance. Take a look at your week, order a meal to split up before and after practice or games.

If you're an adult who is limited to good food options throughout the workday, plan ahead and fill the gaps with our high performance meals.

Just like our training we will rotate our meals to make sure your body doesnt accommodate to them! We will plan ahead of time with Mama Mias to make sure the menu switches after 3 weeks! Small changes like a different combo of veggies with protein and a new spice combo to keep those taste buds interested !

If you are looking to take your performance to the next level, you have to try these meals out!

-Coach Kyle

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