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"My Story" -Coach Davan

My story: Growing up I was always in engaged in sports whether that be hockey, football, baseball, soccer, etc. If it was a sport I was involved in it! I was first introduced to organized sports when my uncle signed me up to play hockey while I was in grade school. I quickly fell in love with the sport and with all the benefits from being part of a team. I continued to play hockey up until my freshmen year of high school. I was disgusted with myself after trying out for the Varsity Hockey team at my school only to find out that I only made the practice squad. This was due to my inability to keep up with the speed of the game once players transitioned into high school. Realizing this, I found myself trying out something that I’ve never done before… Weightlifting.

It was a completely new experience that I fell in love with very quickly, and the weight room grew to be my second home. Later that year I joined the football team, which was also something I’ve never done before! I quickly excelled in playing football, but was just as quick to be taken out of the sport due to a major injury. During my junior year of highschool I tore my ACL. Being a young athlete sitting in the doctor's office hearing that all the new things that you loved doing you would most likely never be able do them again, unless I made a miraculous recovery. With hearing this I went in search of answers and results. In this search I found myself at the door steps of Advantedge where I met the man that would help me with my journey to recovery, Dustin Brancheau.

With his help I was able to get back to the things I loved, but not only that, I reached levels I never thought I’d be able to reach! Levels such as being the strongest and fastest I’ve ever been, all honors in football, and lastly earning a roaster spot on college football team, a dream of mine since I started playing.

My why: Like in all sports injuries start to add up and take a toll on your body. As hard it was for me to do, I knew I had to hang it up. After this decision I thought to myself there has to be ways for me to still be apart of the sport without playing in it. Throughout my years of playing sports and training I never had the opportunity of having a strength coach available to me until my senior year. I wasn’t unaware of the benefits from training the right way for your respective sport. My eyes were opened to a whole new world of possibilities when I was introduced to Advantedge’s training program. This led me into reaching out and asking to learn more about how Dustin did what he did at Advantedge. He was more than willing to help me out with my mission to learn more about the trades of strength and conditioning. Leading me to an internship, and later a job with Advantedge. Having this position I have been able to help all types of athletes and adults achieve their goals, along with sharing the importance of training the RIGHT way.

My vision: I want to help take Advantedge to the next level, in every way possible just as it helped me in my journey. This gym has come a long way from when it first started, from its location to how the athletes train! We will never stop learning, and putting in the work to be the best in the industry. We are constantly getting better at our craft, and in return it benefits ourselves, and most importantly our clients! It is truly an incredible place to be a part of, and I am truly blessed to have this place in my life, along with all the people that are involved in it. I’m VERY excited to see the positive impact Advantedge continues to have on our athletes and our adult community!

Thank you,

Dae Dae

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