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Let's Promote Mental Health 


Mental Health Awareness Month: "Do It For Daniel"

Why is this important to me....


Long before I knew Daniel, I played high school football for Coach Jeff Olson from 2005-06... Fast forward to 2011-12 I was now in a role coaching and training Jeffs son Daniel as HE prepared for college football! I was fresh out of playing at NMU and not that much older than him so we naturally clicked. I loved training the kid, he was not only a great athlete, but just a great all around human... what I remember about him was that he was a hard working, respectful, young man. I remember in the winter of 2011 Coach Olson filled me in on what Daniel was going through and I couldnt believe it, what I saw was someone that was full of life, what I didnt see was the pain that he was going through... One memory that will stick out forever was the time a bunch of us got together after a training session and played paintball. I ll never forget the fun we had, and the way he was able to hide the pain he was going through... on the surface I was thinking man, hes good hes going to snap out of it by the way he was laughing, smiling and having a good time.... but deep down he was struggling and in a very dark place... that scares me, that so many people think that you need to hide those feelings, instead of expressing the way they are feeling so they can get help...when hearing Jeff speak on this topic, he said something that really stuck out to me... he said something like this, people that are terminally ill or have a bad injury are constantly asked are you ok, and sending good wishes because we can actually see they arent ok... well with someone who is battling a mental health issue, we don't see that on the outside so we naturally think everything is ok... when in reality they are battling each day to stay above water...

Watch The Trailer For The Do It For Daniel documentary here

I want to host a memorial day virtual 5k like we did back in April, only this time I want to create a DONATION based event where 100% of the proceeds will go towards the "Do it for Daniel" foundation where they will use the funds to continue to educate the masses!


I back Jeff 100% and stand by the message he is sending, and I know he is saving lives in the process. My goal is to help him get the message out to more ppl and crush a 5k in the process! Being a former athlete and being in contact with so many athletes on a DAILY basis, I have seen my fair share of kids who have struggled with forms of anxiety and depression, and it is a very helpless feeling... and I dont want to stand idle any longer, I want to use the Advantedge platform to help give back in a way that will not only keep the memory of Daniel Olson alive, but also help Jeff Olson continue to spread factual information regarding mental health, which WILL help save more lives!


The strength and courage this man has shown during a time where many fathers would crumble is something I will forever admire him for... he has spoken to 90 schools and has done around 150 total presentations just to educate people so they understand the illness! Lets not push mental illness to the back burner any longer... lets do our part in helping take this illness head on! -Coach Branch


Dustin Brancheau

Owner, Advantedge Sports Training

You can donate to the Do It For Daniel cause and support Jeff's cause of educating OUR school age kids about mental health.  Below is the direct link to the Do It For Daniel donation page. Advantedge is receiving no money for any of this.  It's just the right thing to do.  If you can't donate, run the 5k and share the cause online!  We'll send you instructions on how to do that! 

What: Free to enter Virtual 5k.  You'll be running and tracking the run by yourself, with respect to the state and CDC guidelines for social distancing.
We encourage a donation to raise funds for local area school age mental health education through Jeff Olson's Do It For Daniel. 
Please read MY STORY above about why this is important to me. - Dustin Brancheau, Owner Advantedge Sports Training
Find out more about Do It For Daniel here
When: Saturday May 23rd and/or Sunday May 24th 
Who: Anyone, free to all who want to get out and make fitness a priority while still respecting social distancing! 
Where: Anywhere you want! (by yourself) 
How: Run..walk.. Jog.. just get it done.. This 5k is just for fun!
We'll send you participation and race day instructions!
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