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"My Story" Coach Kyle

I started out with a normal adventurous life style.  Climbing trees, jumping bikes, swimming every day I could.  The more I learned about explores the hungrier I got to explore the woods and lakes and dreamed of mountains.  The only problem was I lived in a suburb surrounded by cornfields.  So I was left up to my own devices, dreaming big, sitting in tree tops.  We used to vacation to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lake Shore.  It was the beaches around lake Michigan where I fell in love with the water.  Cold water and long sweeping beaches, sparked my curiosity about all the places I read about.  Living in the suburbs did little for my curiosity, there was no one to talk explore the ideas of big bodies of water, mountains, and the great outdoors.

In 5th grade I started to act upon a dream I had as a kid.  I started doing push ups and sit ups at night, dreaming of being a Navy Seal.  Into high school I kept up the routine but was never a physical specimen.  My running was atrocious, all the girls in my gym class ran the mile faster than me.  As college approached I thought of studying kinesiology.  Then the attacks on the world trade center happened.  I was extremely divided in my feeling of serving and my parents want of me to attend college. 

My parents went away for a vacation senior year and I was supposed to contact a school for enrollment information.  That weekend I went to a recruiter instead.  I signed to be a Pararescueman, a medic that is capable of any insertion and extraction method to the most rugged places on the planet.  I chose this over Navy Seal because of their water specialties.  To try and make up for my lack of physical competency, I trained 8 hours a day 5 days a week for 6 months. Prior to training I was 140lb and 6'2.  After training I was able to make all my run times and had gained 25lbs.  I felt like my big dreams were starting to take off.  Not so physically pathetic and on my way to go see the world.  Near the end of Pararescue Indoc the instructors starting scheduling our combat classes and talking about where to send soldiers for duty stations.  I had always wanted to end up in Iceland, rescuing fisherman from the North Sea.  My instructors agreed on my water skills and had picked me to end up in Iceland battling 30ft near frozen seas.  Days away from graduation I herniated a disc in my back, months later I was separated from the Military.  The biggest heart break of my life.  Sticking to the motto of the Pararescueman, never quit, I went back to the drawing board of my life. 

 It took me three years to recover, hungry for an answer to the pain and disability.  I came across two of the most powerful educators in the fitness world.  Louie Simmons and Kelly Starrett. Both are filled with the insight of development and an undying hunger to learn more.  Every one that I have trained over the past 5 years, has not been failed by combining the knowledge of these two men.  At the basis of their knowledge is knowing who they're training.  No two people are the same, it is only with a thorough coaches eye and an open mind, that we are able to apply appropriate methods to continually develop. 

It is through the full spectrum of your life you must develop if you choose to continue growing.  At times it may seem like all brick walls.  That's the time to step back, tell your self, never quit, and prepare to doing thing you have never done before.  Everything works but nothing works for ever and if you live by methods of the 90's you get 1990 results.  

Iv'e never been happier in my life. In January of 19’ I was vacationing in the UP, Negaunee to be exact. Needing to get a workout in I called Advantedge to get a day pass. Instead of working out I talked to Branch for three and a half hours. The result of that conversation lit a fire under my ass to make the move I always wanted. To be apart of a community of good hard working people. I drove up to Advantedge from Chicago every month and in May I decided, a move to the UP was what I needed.   Every day up here has been confirmation, this is where I want to be. To be in the land of snow and sauna and surrounded by the toughest Midwesterners.  Thank you everyone who has accepted my into God's country. 


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