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Houghton Game Speed

What is “GameSpeed”? 


Remember the last time you were watching your favorite NFL team play? Remember how your favorite player effortlessly changed gears when he got in the open field and ran past everyone for 6? Or what about the way your favorite player turned what should have been a 3 yard loss into a first down by accelerating through initial contact at the line of scrimmage then making 3 other  defenders miss at the second and third levels… this is GameSpeed!


Speed and agility training has evolved, gone are the days where you have your team sport athletes run gassers until they puke or toss out a ladder and call that “speed” and “agility” training. We have been trusted for the past 10+ years of preparing some of the best athletes in all sports to get ready for their pro days, seasons, and contract years! 


Our GameSpeed program breaks down the abilities needed to succeed in your sport! Abilities like Max Velocity. Acceleration. Agility. and Energy System Specific Conditioning. We will also tie in Jump and plyometric training strategically each workout! The best part is, this program will complement your school Strength Training routine. 


Enough talking about it, let’s get your athletes signed up and ready to go! You won’t regret it! 


-Coach Branch

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