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April Events

Here’s what we have coming for you this month:

Coming Soon..

  • Our own custom training app!  We've been recording training sessions and building the app, so be on the lookout!

April 1st through 30th 

  • 1.More LIVE interactive Workouts Via Zoom AND launching our new training app!(Daily/Weekly) – Each week we are adding more and more content to our LIVE schedule.

April 8th - 7pm

  • Your new Alex Trebek AKA Coach Davan will be hosting a fun interactive trivia night for the entire EdgeNation and their families. We think you are going to love this!  More Info will be out soon!

April 11th - 12pm

  • Coach Kyle will be hosting a live interactive cooking show where he will go over all his favorite brunch time specials!


April 11th - 6pm

  • Coach Branden will be going over a brief mobility workout, he will cover a great deal of "go to" mobility movements great for adults and athletes alike!

April 18th - Virtual 5K Run/Walk 

  • The AdvantEdge Run Local Virtual 5K Run/Walk (April 18th) – Our first ever virtual 5K run/walk to help support local small businesses. Run/Walk any time during that day and post your time or a photo of your doing the walk of run! Tag or Check in to Advantedge to enter your name in the local small business raffle gift card giveaway. We aren’t keeping score of times; this is for fun and to get it done! This is a virtual 5K so no crowds! 

April 19th

  • Our 30-Day Transformation begins! (April 19th– May 17th) – We took our 6 week challenge and turned it into the best Virtual 30-day transformation we could! Team Edge will be guiding you every step of the way with the continued daily workouts, nutrition guidance, recipes, fun weekly challenges, and much more! This will be for FUN and to help break up the time we are away from the norm! No scales, no performance tests, just straight workouts/nutrition and an internal challenge with yourself! At the end of this we will ALL be WINNERS...

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